Culture of Accountability

Convivial Brands has a passion for people, but more specifically, empowered people! Accountability is true freedom. That is why we are so intentional in growing a culture of accountability.  

We believe that when you have great people, with a strong sense of responsibility, all driving toward a unified mission, incredible things happen. That is what we strive to be. That is the only way we can truly fulfill our passion of Making Life Better for all whom we encounter and have the privilege to influence.  

As we continue to bring on team members, we do not ask people to help us maintain our culture, but rather add value, and lift our culture! This allows us to turn work from an obligation to passion, from a need to want, and create a culture that can change the future culture.  

This does not mean we do not have “bad days”—of course, we do! Those are character-growing days and they help us be more intentional and self-aware as we grow.  

Ultimately, allowing us to make the daily decision to make each day the absolute best it can be.  

If  this sounds like you, we’d love for you to check out the opportunities within Convivial Brands

Overview of our

EOS Operated Organization

the Entrepreneurial Operating System

 Being entrepreneurial to our core, EOS has been imperative as Convivial Brands has grown from one brand to many. We chose to implement and continue to operate on this business-operating system because of what it does for our team members and overall health of our organization daily. It aims to heighten clarity within the organization, create focus, and ultimately, generate traction. 

To ensure we stay clear and on track, we work with an implementor of the EOS Process. We are grateful to say that our implementor is Don Tinney, who is one of the two founders of EOS Worldwide.  

To learn more about EOS:

Core Values & GWC

How do we do this? It is simple: Team Members at Convivial Brands MUST subscribe to, and exemplify, our Core Values, as well as have a strong GWC in their seat (Get It, Want It, Have the Capacity to Do the Seat).  

Core Value Fit + GWC = Happy Team Member  

While each Seat has a different GWC requirement based on the skills needed, the Core Values remain consistent. They are the Character of the Organization and are as follows: 

  • Trustworthy 
  • Pursuit of Excellence 
  • Team First 

Right people in the right seats leads to accomplishing incredible things.