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Our Brands

We are made up of 5 brands that each have their own story and start, but share one underlying goal and that is to connect people. 

Turning Occasions into celebrations.

Founded in 1987, Design Design is the first brand within the Convivial Brands umbrella. Design Design changed the game in how people can express their feelings through humor, sentiment, and celebration. Being a leader in the social expression industry, Design Design creates products that evoke emotion—turning moments into memories. 

Our specialty is paper, and we do it exceptionally well. Having a unique mix of greeting cards, stationery/gift items, gift packaging options, birthday candles, and high-quality paper tableware, we are known for creating an on-trend, fun, and relevant mixture of collections.

empowering women to enhance their connections with people and celebrate everyday moments.

Style Life is exactly what it sounds like—a vehicle to help women style their lives with products that enhance their everyday moments. What makes Style Life so special are the Independent Consultants, who are called Stylists, that are brand ambassadors to Style Life’s mission. We believe that there is always a reason to celebrate, to give a gift, to connect with someone special, and our goal is to make that happen more often.

 This opportunity allows women to pursue a side-hustle, and in some cases, a full-time opportunity to make extra money, and do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do. We are proud of the community we are all building together, focused on providing empowerment to women to enhance their everyday lives.

hosting an exceptional experience.

The High Five GR or simply, The High Five, is the perfect combination of where “the old world meets the new.” Having been originally a roller-rink with hardwood floors and exposed brick, we have a foundation to fill the niche of being a unique and versatile venue located downtown Grand Rapids. To transform this iconic, classic gem, we kept the original hardwood flooring and combined the exposed brick with extraordinary chandeliers and hip artisan tile and glass to evoke a current and fresh vibe that guests will remember. 

Details sure to attract attention include high, wood-beamed ceilings with metal tresses, large fully restored windows for viewing our city’s scape and open pillar-free, unobstructed space allowing your vision to be executed easily. Whether an event is a wedding, conference, private party, music event, or more, we have it covered. We’re here to help make a lasting impression.


stunning personal and home environments.

At Tableau, we have brought together unique items and curated collections to make life better through stunning personal and home environments. With an emphasis on textiles and tabletop, Tableau products evoke a casual, yet sophisticated energy; providing endless creative options for people which are reflective of their tastes, lifestyles, and homes. 

Manufacturing Vibrant products through efficient processes through excellent printing and Design.

Founded in 2011, Verdant Graphics has a passion to create vibrant products and efficient processes through excellent printing and great design. While printing the vast majority of Design Design’s greeting card, Verdant Graphics also works with many individual consumers and businesses to help them with their printing needs. Being a full-service printing company, Verdant Graphics prides itself on being flexible, sustainable, and having the highest quality.